1) Basketball 3-Pointer
For this event competitors will have 90 seconds to make as many 3 pointers as they can with only one ball in play. Athletes will retrieve the ball themselves after every shot. You are expected to dribble the rebounded ball back (without "travelling") to any spot beyond the 3-point arc and continue shooting. These drills will be timed with a shot clock or with a hand held stopwatch.

2) Basketball Foul Shot
Competitors have 60 seconds to make as many foul shots as possible with only one ball in play. Athletes will retrieve the ball themselves after every shot. Competitors are expected to dribble the rebounded ball back (without "travelling") to the foul line to continue shooting. This event will be timed with a shot clock or a hand held stop watch.


3) Baseball Hit
Each competitor will make 3 standing tosses of a regulation sized softball and hit the ball as far as they can. The furthest hit is scored.

Baseball Throw
The throwing for accuracy combines speed, eye-hand co-ordination, arm strength and endurance. The athlete starts from home plate and runs to first where five throws will then be made in an attempt to hit a target on home. The competitor will then run to second and make three throws to home, trying to hit the same target. The athlete then runs to third, makes 5 throws, and then runs to the pitchers mound for the final 7 throws.


5) Soccer Kick
The skill measured in the soccer event is ones ability to accurately tale a penalty kick. All competitors get 10 kicks and only the balls going through the targeted areas count for points.


6) Tennis Accuracy Drill
Tennis was chosen to represent all the racket sports in the WBA International Skills Competition. Competitors have one minute to hit a Frisbee sized target 35 feet away on a wall. A hit does not score if the athlete oversteps the hitting line. Sound easy? It takes a lot of practice.


7) Golf
Athletes have 10 shots with an iron of their choice with the goal being to land their balls into a targeted area 15 feet in diameter 75 yards away. Irons are generally categorized as long irons, mid-irons and short irons. Long irons are the 1-, 2-, 3- and 4 - irons; mid-irons, the 5-, 6- and 7 -irons; short irons, the 8- and 9 -irons and pitching wedge. Athletes can use only a mid-iron or a short iron for this event.

8) Hockey Shoot Out
Competitors have 10 shots with standard hard orange street hockey balls from 60 feet away in an attempt to dislodge the 7 targets affixed to a regulation sized net. Participants will have a maximum of 10 seconds between shots. The hockey shoot-out can be done while wearing inline skates or with regular street/running shoes. Hitting a target but not dislodging it completely does not score any points.


9) Jump Rope: One Minute Sprint
The one-minute skip tests an athlete's endurance, agility and eye-hand co-ordination and was picked as an event due to it being an excellent form of training for all sports.

10) Field Goal Kick
The field goal kick measures leg power, flexibility and agility. Competitors try to kick as long a field goal as possible with a rugby ball.


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